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Meet Ciara

Ciara's journey in the floral industry started in 2022 while working for a lavish design studio nestled in North Carolina. It didn't take long for her to discover her true calling. She found joy not only in the art of floral design but also in the physical labor and intricate business aspects that come with it.

In pursuit of her passion, Ciara made a bold move to venture out on her own, with the support of her partner, Josh. In August of 2022, she decided to take her love for floral design to greater heights by establishing Abundant Blooms. With a keen eye for detail and a heart deeply rooted in creativity, Ciara has been adorning events and occasions with her floral masterpieces, leaving a trail of delighted clients.

In October of 2023, driven by her love for outdoor adventure and recreation, Ciara relocated to the charming town of Durango, Colorado. Surrounded by nature's splendor, she found her haven and the perfect canvas for her floral inspirations. Ciara is determined to blend her passion for the outdoors with her love for floral design, enhancing the natural beauty of Durango and beyond.

When she's not crafting stunning floral arrangements, Ciara can be found embracing the great outdoors. Whether she's biking through scenic trails, running amidst nature's embrace, rafting down rivers, kayaking in serene waters, camping under the starlit sky, or carving through powdery slopes, Ciara's love for adventure and appreciation for the beauty of nature is at the core of Abundant Blooms.

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